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Are you suffering from long-term chronic pain?

Does your pain interfere with your daily activities? Do you feel like pain is holding you back from activities with your children and grandchildren? Daily chores like washing the car or carrying groceries became a task you aren’t able to handle anymore? Your pain can result in you being permanently disqualified from your favorite sports and even greatly affect your productivity at work.

In our PAIN CLINIC CENTER we offer specialized care, which can help you get back to your normal life.

Your search for the true pain relief has ended!

  • Long-term pain can take-over your entire life
  • It does not only have to be a source of constant painful sensations
  • It can become totally overwhelming
  • It interferes with your ability to do things you want and need to do

In Pain Clinic Center we work with interventional methods to treat chronic pain.

Interventional treatment, first of all requires correct diagnostics of the cause of pain using intervention techniques following a complex therapeutic process.

Algesiology is mainly concerned with treatment of chronic pain. Chronic pain is characterized by lasting longer than 3 months or longer than is usual for a specific type of injury. Once physicians from other fields of medicine aren’t able to relieve the patient of their pain, algesiologists are the ones who are specialized to bring this relief.

Part of our PAIN CLINIC CENTER are:

  • An Anesthesiology & Intensive medicine practice,
  • An Algesiology practice (treatment of acute and chronic pain),
  • An Interventional Algesiology (diagnostic and therapeutic interventional techniques in pain treatment),
  • Neurosurgery practice