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Laser Spine Surgery

The most modern and effective technology of spine surgery in the world, now available at Pain Clinic

Almost everyone experienced back pain.
This pain is most frequently caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, over-loading of the spine, or from bad posture while standing or sitting, obesity, lack of exercise.

When pain starts to radiate into limbs, most frequently into legs or hands, it means nerves which are emerging from the spinal cord to the limbs are compressed at some point along the way. This compression causes many of the frequent pains, but it can also cause a range of other discomforts such as weakening of muscles, reduction of movement of the entire body, numbness, and in some cases even urinary and fecal incontinence and even sexual dysfunction.
Once a patient isn’t capable of helping himself by the improvement of their lifestyle, they become a patient who requires treatment. Classical methods of treatment are physical resting, rehabilitation, pain killers, muscle relievers, infusions and injections of anesthetics.

The source of pain should be localized through imaging tests such as tomography and MRI. These tests most frequently show the source of pain to be an ejected intervertebral disc, with stress on the the nerve. If the above mentioned methods of treatment don’t help, next step is surgery.

Until now the most common surgery was an open surgery with full anesthesia, during which the fascia is cut, back muscles are separated from the spine. Part of the vertebral arch is removed, through which we are able to get inside the ejected disc which is removed using surgical pliers, therefore the stress on nerves is relieved. This surgery of course carries with it certain risks of internal bleeding in the area of spine canal, where the spinal cord and nerves are located, risk of infection, damage to the spinal cord coating and nerves, scarring. After surgery patients are unable to perform tasks just like before surgery, and they are unable to work and are disabled.

Why choose laser spine surgery?

Fortunately, doctors and scientists brought us one of the best new techniques which is percutaneous laser intervertebral disc decompression, in other words laser surgery of intervertebral disc using micro-invasive method.

We offer this surgical method at our clinic. We operate using local anesthesia, so the patient is able to cooperate with the surgeon. Using a small incision under an x-ray we inject a thin cannula inside the damaged disc.

Foremost we inject a small amount of a contrast agent, to make sure, we are at the correct location. Afterwards we apply laser energy, which removes damaged tissue from the disc, therefore pressure is decreased and the disc has ideal conditions for regeneration. This procedure is almost painless. The disc tissue itself becomes stronger after laser is applied, so there is no decrease in strength. The thin cannula is applied to the disc from the side and therefore it is not a threat for the nerve structures in the spinal canal. There are no scars after the surgery, which is also an advantage. The possibility of infection or bleeding is minimal.

Already the same day, or next day in the afternoon, of course depending on the health of the patient, patients leave for home-care. Patients are able to return to work in a matter of a few days. This is the reason why this method is more preferred by patients, who want to return to work and normal life within a short time period after surgery.


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MUDr. Ireneusz Przewlocki, PhD.
MUDr. Ireneusz Przewlocki, PhD.anesteziológ a algeziológ
MUDr. Mario Rattaj, PhD.
MUDr. Mario Rattaj, PhD.špecialista Neurochirurgie