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Your search for pain relief is over!

Long-term pain sometimes takes over your whole life.
Pain can limit our daily activities, such as carrying groceries, playing with kids, easy daily chores.  It can even put a stop to our sport activities and oftentimes movement itself. The thing we worry most of is that our pain will limit our work productivity, or even lead to us leaving work. This brings alongside with it enormous stress and can bring psychological problems, which aren’t negligible.
How can we return to normal life without pain?

Our Center for pain treatment-  Pain Clinic will offer you specialized care, which will help you return to a normal life without pain.

Our Head doctor MUDr. Ireneuzs Przewlocki, PhD. is dealing with the issue of acute and chronic pain relief for more than 20 years. He is one of the first four doctors, who passed a specialized exam from pain treatment (algesiology) in Slovakia. In his practice he introduced numerous new methods of solving pain and he helped patients with various types of pain, he even helped patients who have previously been treated by others but unsuccessfully.

Even if you are at the limit of your strength and you can’t find a solution, we can help you.

Pain does not only have to be a source of constant painful sensations, but It can become totally overwhelming and can interfere with your ability to do things you want and need to do.
MUDr. Ireneusz Przewlocki, PhD.
MUDr. Ireneusz Przewlocki, PhD.Pain Clinic Director